Extension for Proposals

***Deadline extension until November 29th!***


Call for Proposals


The International Association of Laboratory Schools Annual Conference 2020

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

April 22-24


Engagement and Well-Being:

Exploring What Children Need and How Children Learn Best


Laboratory Schools provide environments that foster research and professional inquiry about what is best for children’s development and education. Foundational to this purpose is an understanding of the importance for each child to experience a holistic sense of well-being and be deeply engaged with learning. These principles extend to everyone in the Lab School community, and include students, teachers, student teachers, parents, faculty, researchers, administrators, and staff.  The impact and reach of Lab Schools extend far beyond their own walls; while exploring what’s possible in education through innovative practice they seek to improve learning environments for all children everywhere. Lab Schools contribute to research, curriculum and resource development, public policy, teacher education, professional learning, mentorship, and many other forms of dissemination. Collaboration both within and across Lab Schools, as well as connections with public schools and other community organizations, strengthens this work towards a common goal to advance understanding about optimal learning environments and experiences for children. 


We welcome applications for presentations, workshops, papers, and posters about the following areas and their impact on children both within and beyond the school setting:


  • Engaging classroom pedagogy 

  • Innovative curriculum development

  • Nature-based learning

  • Healthy lifestyles 

  •  Mindfulness practices

  • Family connections

  • Collaborations within or between schools

  • Educational or developmental research

  • Action research projects

  • Exemplary teacher preparation


We invite all interested educators, researchers, administrators, and professors to apply.


Please submit your proposal with the form below. 

Proposals are due on November 15th, 2019. 

Propsal submission due date has been extended until November 29th, 2019.

Please contact Chriss Bogert chriss.bogert@utoronto.ca or Elizabeth Morley elizabeth.morley@utoronto.ca with any questions. 


We look forward to reviewing your submission!

There are two ways to share at the IALS conference:

  1. A workshop or presentation on Friday morning

  2. A poster/presentation display at the “Showcase of Success” on Wednesday 4-6pm. If you are interested in the showcase, please click here for more information.

Ready to submit your proposal? Follow this link for the IALS 2020 Proposal Submission Form

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